"Works for organ" without organ what so ever!

Here I have collected some examples of how to cheat with syntezised sounds.
By using 'Sound Fonts', that seek to emulate the sound of the church organ, I have used my computer to record some organ works by various composers. The Sound Fonts, that I have used, can be downloaded free of charge from the internet and are called "Jeux" and "Stefans Cathedral Pipe Organ". However, the sound card of your computer must be able to handle Sound Fonts.

The Files are in mp3-format, in modest quality, 56 kilobit pr. second, so that it doesn't take to long to download them.

Two organ chorales by J.S.Bach:
In dir ist Freude (1,2 Mb) and Ich ruf zu dir (1,2 Mb)
A very romantic work by Vaughan Williams:
Rhosymedre (1,8 Mb)
An organ chorale by Jesper Madsen:
Til dig alene, Herre Krist (1 Mb)
An organchorale by Bo Grønbech:
Hil dig, Frelser og Forsoner (871 Kb)
An organ chorale by me:
Lyksalig det folk, som har øre for klang (1,8 Mb)
Just for good measure: Humbug harpsicord:
Prelude and fugue in G major from "Wohltemperierte Klavier" by J.S. Bach