Claus Vestergaard Jensen


Claus Vestergaard Jensen Claus Vestergaard Jensen was born 1955, was a pupil and later graduated from Sankt Annæ Gymnasium, SAG, in 1974. He was educated at The University of Copenhagen where he received his Masters of Musicology degree. At the same time he learned singing by the famous singing-teacher Kristian Riis. In 1978 he returned to SAG, now as a music teacher. After having covered every aspect that SAG offers, (SAG is the Copenhagen Municipial Singing School) such as voicetraining, eartraining, music technology, and not least working with the three choirs of the School, CVJ was appointed to chief director of the Copenhagen Girls' Choir in 2003.
Besides working at the SAG CVJ was co-founder of the choir "Cantus Firmus" in 1980 and conductor of the choir of Frederiksborg Castle Church for 15 years and the "Frederiksborg Kammerkor" for 7 years. He has often been requested as instructor at choir seminars and is often a judge at choral competitions.
CVJ has arranged and composed much music, mostly for female voices, a cappella or with instruments. Much of the music is written directly to the Copenhagen Girls' Choir.


Published works:
*Ave Maria (KB 443), SSA and organ
Missa Brevis (KB 444), SSA and organ
*Ave Maria (KB 445), SATB and organ
*Davids 47. salme (KMO 12), SSA, organ and trumpet
Psalme 23 (FUK 68), a cappella
*Denne er dagen (FUK 97), SSA and organ.
Nu blomstertiden kommer (Danmus 32), SSA and organ
Det er godt og det er rigtigt (Danmus33), SSA and organ
Syng Herren en ny sang (Danmus 34), SSA and organ

Selection of nonpublished works:
*Make a joyful Noise, SSAA a cappella
*Sig til Sions datter, SSA and organ
*Hodie Christus natus est, double choir SSA SSA and soprano soloist
*Marias Lovsang,  SSAA and organ
*Fryd dig Himlens Dronning,  SSA and organ
*Saligprisningerne,  SSA and organ
*Bliv ingen noget skyldige,  SSA and organ
*I nådens tid bønhører jeg dig,  SA and organ
*Jeg er livets brød,  SA and organ
*Alle folkeslag vandrer,  SA and organ
*Lyksaligt det folk, som har øre for klang, organ chorale
*Nu takker alle Gud, organ chorale
Peace, double choir SSAA SSAA a cappella
Tre Carols, SSA, two flutes, Cello and double bass. Arrangement.
Sometimes I feel like a Motherless Child, SSAA a cappella. Arrangement.

* marks that the works are recorded on the Copenhagen Girls' Choir Cd 'Make a joyful Noise'.

For the Copenhagen Girls' Choir Cd 'Der står en Lind' CVJ contributed with 7 arrangements of nordic folk-songs.

For the Copenhagen Girls' Choir Cd's 'Tjen Herren med glæde' and 'Årets gang i Helligaandskirken' CVJ has made all the arrangements.

See the discography of the Copenhagen Girls' Choir

For the  Lp 'Ballader og folkeviser' med Sankt Annæ Youth Choir CVJ contributed with two arrangements:
Den ømskindede brudgom, SSAATTBB
Urtegården, SSATTB and soprano soloist.

Written for joint concerts with the Sankt Annæ Youth Choir and the Copenhagen Girls' Choir:
O Lord of Heaven, SSAA SATB
Skab et rent hjerte i mig, Gud, SSA SATB